“Born in France in 1962, Richard Bellia has photographed the world of music since 1980. He only works with silver-based photography and the majority of his photos are black and white. In addition to practical reasons, Bellia chooses to work in black and white as a quest for perfection. "I turned to photography at the age of 18. There was a camera lying around at a friend’s party, I took it, I took photo after photo and when my friends saw the result, they all said, ‘Your photos are really great!’ and I told myself that was what I should do." In October 1980, during a Cure concert, Bellia decided to become a rock photographer. In 1985, Bellia settled in London and quickly began to work for the famous Melody Maker magazine. This new contribution sparked an interest from the French press and Bellia became a regular correspondent specializing in the British music scene.” Morrison Hotel Gallery, Fine Art music Photography